The Effort Continues . . .

Community Development:

Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice
202 Harvard Blvd. SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
The Peace and Justice Center strives to build community by promoting and supporting projects centered around bringing people together in harmonious constructive diversity.

Chapin Living Waters Foundation
ph: 315.788.0891

fx: 315.782.1490
364 N. Colorado Ave.

Watertown, NY 13601
Part of the network aiding international growth both economical and agricultural with simple gardening and micro-irrigation technologies in Bucket Kit Drip Irrigation.

Solutions for a sustainable Albuquerque including tips, ideas, and information to make a difference.

Rainwater Harvesting:

Arid Solutions Inc.
ph: 505.281.7664
fx: 505.281.0918
A local source for rainwater harvesting equipment and greywater installations.

Sustainable Alternatives:

Green Building Council

Vision Paper

Ph: 505.294.0293
Fx: 505.294.7040
Vision Paper is an innovative Albuquerque-based company that brings sustainable agriculture into everyday life using the amazing kenaf plant and other environmentally-friendly materials to make a variety of quality papers.

Information on the vegetable oil and biodiesel network across the nation.
Home of the National Biodiesel Board with information on tax breaks for those who use alternative fuels, where to get biodeiesel, and technical information (like emissions from biodiesel), etc…
Great site with veggie oil vehicle products for conversions to use SVO(straight vegetable oil)
Willie Nelson’s site for his B20 product (20% biodiesel).