The Alley Gardens project is attempting to get up and running again. We are looking for people to continue this great idea! Please email if you are interested.

Alleygardens desperately needs $90 in donations to continue running the website for 2015-16. These fees are $30 for the renewal of the domain names,, and, and hosting fees of $60 for 12 months. Israel Vaughn, the webmaster, has been paying the website fees since 2006 and recently became a poor student again. Please donate now. If this money is not raised, the webmaster will be forced to take the website offline.

The Alley Gardens project seeks to introduce Albuquerque to a new vision of itself. As residents, we have often been dismayed by the outcomes of Albuquerque’s past growth spurts. In our urban setting, a scarcity of community green space coexists with community indifference. Our team is working to retrofit Albuquerque with the community-initiated green space it needs. A pilot project was initiated in the spring of 2005 and has continued to grow, demonstrating the potential of the idea. Our partnership introduces community gardens into an unlikely but abundant space throughout the city–Albuquerque’s alleys. We hope that these Alley Gardens will expand throughout our urban environment. The project transforms alleys into beautiful and productive spaces, nourishing our city by beautification and community investment. The Alley Gardens project also enhances our city by empowering neighborhoods and localizing food sources, by acknowledging our limitations with rainwater harvesting, and by a reanalysis of our community’s needs. The project strives to raise the quality of life we experience in our city.